We deliver high-quality digital artworks worldwide with more than 10+ years experience in music industry, cooperating with artists, labels, promotion agencies and festivals. We provide wide range of hi-end digital and print designs. Every project is custom and unique and we always keep eye on detail and high quality standard of the final product.


ERIMHA(ca) | Digital Artwork
Photomanipulation, 3D modeling, postproduction

Apothecarrion WIP

APOTHECARRION(us) | Custom Web Interface
concept, production, postproduction | 2010

Sole Method WIP

SOLE METHOD(at) | Logo Symbol Production 
concept, 3d production, postproduction | 2011

Viscera Trail WIP

VISCERA TRAIL(is) | Promotional Photo  
digital retouching | 2011

Eternal Bleeding WIP

ETERNAL BLEEDING(sk) | Promotional Photo  
digital retouching | 2010

Anomalous WIP

ANOMALOUS(us) | Custom Web Interface 
concept, 3d production, postproduction | 2010

Viscera Trail 2 WIP

VISCERA TRAIL(is) | Promotional Photo 
digital retouching | 2011

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